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How can i improve my rainmeter desktop?

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How can i improve my rainmeter desktop?

Post by Bitbat »

I feel like it has a lot of potential however i need some help on how to improve. What skins would you suggest?

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Re: How can i improve my rainmeter desktop?

Post by Alex88 »

Your desktop is yours, do what you want. :D It's never completely disjoint of course, but generally on the main forum here, it's more focused on help and discussion on coding/configuring skins and technical/official stuff, and one place to see and get stylistic ideas is the Rainmeter subreddit. You'll find a lot more there in terms of what other people do stylistically, and can get some good ideas there.

Some questions you can ask to yourself: what other info do you want to show with Rainmeter? One idea is whatever that info is, you could have it as meters below the time and date in the same style. You could fill the other side of the TIE fighters with whatever info you want possibly. Some might make a visualizer on the boundary between the planet and space or maybe around the death star, or on the TIE fighters. Could be stuff that expands on mouse over, click, scroll, etc for each TIE fighter. All just ideas, but it goes back to what you want.

One thing that I did at first was taking a look at some of the fuller-featured Rainmeter suites like Gadgets, Modern Gadgets, and Rainformer, see which features you might want to include, then read up on how that part works.
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Re: How can i improve my rainmeter desktop?

Post by CodeCode »

some of the hexagon skin suites would look interesting on the SW theme.

Perhaps some system monitoring that lines up to look like a desktop super computer interface.

Or maybe some of the round styles to go with the death star...

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