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Help with ActionTIMER

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Re: Help with ActionTIMER

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andersonventura wrote: September 15th, 2020, 1:24 am Niceeee!!!

i put delay between too

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MouseLeaveAction=[!Delay 350][!CommandMeasure MeasureBG "Stop 2"][!CommandMeasure MeasureBG "Execute 1"][!Delay 200][!CommandMeasure MeasureBG "Stop 4"][!CommandMeasure MeasureBG "Execute 3"]
but now im with a trouble:

when I mouseover and quickly mouseleave, it seems that the action is not completely completed. I would like the action to always be completed.
is there any way to do this?
I'm not sure what you mean. The icon is always returning to its initial small size and the disk always is always returning to its initial alpha state no matter how quickly I move the mouse over and out of the skin. If you're referring to the fact that when leaving the area the icon size and alpha state resume to their initial values and don't stay big or transparent, that's the expected behavior of ActionTimer in almost all implementations, really. I mean, if you want the icon to always stay big and the disk to always be transparent after you mouse leave the area, just remove the MouseLeaveAction entirely, although I have no idea why would you want that. :confused:

Or, do you want this behavior, maybe? Bear in mind that you'll have to adjust the delays properly, as I still think the math behind the values is a bit off:

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MouseLeaveAction=[!Delay 350][!CommandMeasure MeasureBG "Execute 1"][!Delay 200][!CommandMeasure MeasureBG "Execute 3"]
For example, a properly adjusted code based on your variables and that avoids the warnings in the Log about actions still executing (because of not stopping current executions, like in the line above) would be:

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MouseOverAction=[!CommandMeasure MeasureBG "Stop 1"][!CommandMeasure MeasureBG "Stop 2"][!CommandMeasure MeasureBG "Execute 2"][!CommandMeasure MeasureBG "Stop 3"][!CommandMeasure MeasureBG "Stop 4"][!CommandMeasure MeasureBG "Execute 4"]
MouseLeaveAction=[!Delay 400][!CommandMeasure MeasureBG "Stop 1"][!CommandMeasure MeasureBG "Execute 1"][!Delay 600][!CommandMeasure MeasureBG "Stop 3"][!CommandMeasure MeasureBG "Execute 3"]