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Can I set the default things to my own?

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Can I set the default things to my own?

Post by Mettelor »

By this I mean that it seems like this program (DLd it tonight) generally uses certain programs that I use different versions of that are basically the same.

At the bottom of my desktop right now I can click on iTunes, Picasa, Firefox, Notepad and Trillian.

I would prefer it to say WMP, Gimp, Google Chrome, MS Word and Ventrillo.

Anything I can do about this?
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Re: Can I set the default things to my own?

Post by Kale »

You'll need to edit the skin. It's pretty simple, just requires sorting through the text of the .ini file. If you right click on the skin and select Skin Menu -> Edit Skin you'll get a text file. Since it looks like you're using Enigma, you'll see a section that looks similar to this:

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LeftMouseUpAction=!Execute ["C:\Windows\System32\calc.exe"][!RainmeterHideMeter AppActive][!RainmeterShowMeter App][!RainmeterRedraw]
Where "C:\Windows\System32\calc.exe" is the path of whatever the default program is. Just replace that with the path for whatever program you want to use, and update the Text= to whatever you want the displayed text to be.

If you're using something other than enigma and can't find the path location to change, just post the skin name and a link to it so someone here can help.