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Problems with Fountain of Colors

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Problems with Fountain of Colors

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Firstly, I'm new to the forum; but not to Rainmeter. I have been using it for over 5 years & have kept it quite simple until now when I have Win10. All of my existing skins from Win7 laptop migrated fine with no problems.

I've discovered there's problems with Fountain of Colors. I'm able to update into v3.8.5 (Jan 15, 2019) & v.4.0a3 (March 13, 2020). However, neither of them are able to detect the music that I'm playing. Is this an update issue on Rainmeter? I remember being able to use FoC (3.8.6) with Rainmeter v4.0.

The version I've been using is 3.6.1. It may be buggy, but I can still manage using it.

I use a customized version of Soita & it detects music without problems.

Yesterday, I added Discombobulator 9000 & even that works well detecting music. It only has minor issues staying on desktop. Perhaps this was due to DisplayFusion's Wallpaper Changer as I used another Wallpaper Changer application & there weren't any problems afterwards.

I also noticed FoC & Discombobulator 9000's @Resource files are almost identical; is there a way to merge these 2 skins together?

The option menus & others from Discombobulator 9000 seem to be more updated than FoC.