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Mouse Scroll Looping 2 Option Text Meter [abandoned idea - fixed an easier way]

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Mouse Scroll Looping 2 Option Text Meter [abandoned idea - fixed an easier way]

Post by Mor3bane »

Hello, so I have a meter that is a mouse scroll selector for an AudioLevel.dll skin.

It simply scrolls between an 8ch mode and a 2ch mode.

I am struggling with how to dynamically display the several text messages associated with this function. Everything works fine but I am trying to tweak it a little more to be more informative and accurate when it does so.

Code: Select all

LeftMouseUpAction=[" "]
MouseOverAction=[!SetOption "MeterButtonHover" "Text" "Speakers 8ch/ Speakers 2ch"][!Update]
MouseLeaveAction=[!SetOption "MeterButtonHover" "Text" """ """][!SetOption "MeterConfig" "Text" "[MeasureFormat]"][!Update]
MouseScrollUpAction=[!CommandMeasure "MeasureWinSevenAudio" "ToggleNext"][!SetOption "MeterButtonHover" "Text" "[MeasureWinSevenAudio]"][!Refresh]
MouseScrollDownAction=[!CommandMeasure "MeasureWinSevenAudio" "TogglePrevious"][!SetOption "MeterButtonHover" "Text" "[MeasureWinSevenAudio]"][!Refresh]
I am hoping to add the mouse over actions into the mouse scroll action option/s e.g. up and down with the correct text when the mouse scrolls - so the scroll would hopefully override the hover so it would correctly indicate the speaker option.

The default state is the 8ch option. so if that helps to suss this out, I would appreciate any recommendations.

The hover option, if necessary can simply be a by-product of the scroll action rather than an independent function, e.g. eliminated all together if necessary.

Speaker Config_2.0.rmskin
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