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Problem with Fountain of Colors.

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Problem with Fountain of Colors.

Post by Classsy »

Hello, I need help with the skin (FoC). Okay, so the skin works fine. The Options.ini doesnt work so does the Initialize.ini. I cannot customize anything on the skin. Are there any solutions to this problem? Thank you.

I have also tried reinstalling the skin and looking for other website to download.

Here's the picture and video.

Edit: I fixed it.
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Re: Problem with Fountain of Colors.

Post by xreactions49 »

I have the same problem. I've tried the same methods as you. How were you able to fix the problem?
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Re: Problem with Fountain of Colors.

Post by balala »

You probably hardly can customize it. When you load the Fountain of Colors\Options\Options.ini skin (which supposeably should be used to customize it) you don't get anything loaded, because when you load it and the [CmdPrompt] RunCommand plugin measure is ran (by the OnRefreshAction option of the [Rainmeter] section), it send a message to the log, then immediately deactivates the anyway invisible skin. In the meantime some variables are written, but anyway, it is uncommon and very - very weird.
It is extremely hard to work with this weird skin. I'm not comfortable working with it. In fact i renounced long ago to try to modify it anyway. It has some included files, which at least don't even have an extension (for instance Fountain of Colors\Bands, which contains the needed plugin measures) and there is plenty of such files.
Sorry, but I recommend not to try debugging it. Me at least definitely don't dare to do this...