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Variable Image for Battery

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Variable Image for Battery

Post by RGilmore »

I'm new here, and new to creating my own rainmeter skins, but I've got an idea for a skin that I really just can't figure out how to create. I've set my wallpaper to be 'the lick,' printed in sheet music.
To keep this quick, all you need to know is that p, mp, mf, and f are musical dynamics from softest to loudest, and I'm trying to create a battery skin that loads a different image based on the battery percentage (100-75, 74-50, 49-25, 24-0) and will also load a crescendo marking to display whether or not the battery is charging or not. I've got the images all designed and everything set, I just need to code the images in and I'm seriously seriously struggling with it. I'll post my pictures and my wallpaper if I can figure out how to do so. Any help is appreciated, thank you!
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Re: Variable Image for Battery

Post by eclectic-tech »

You could use the PowerPlugin to do this and more.
Something like this will set the images and show/hide a crescendo meter.

Code: Select all

IfCondition=(MeasurePercent < 25)
IfTrueAction=[!SetOption MeterImage "ImageName" "#@#Images\f.png"][!UpdateMeter *][!Redraw]
IfCondition2=(MeasurePercent >= 25) && (MeasurePercent < 50)
IfTrueAction2=[!SetOption MeterImage "ImageName" "#@#Images\mf.png"][!UpdateMeter *][!Redraw]
IfCondition3=(MeasurePercent >= 50) && (MeasurePercent < 75)
IfTrueAction3=[!SetOption MeterImage "ImageName" "#@#Images\mp.png"][!UpdateMeter *][!Redraw]
IfCondition4=(MeasurePercent >= 75)
IfTrueAction4=[!SetOption MeterImage "ImageName" "#@#Images\p.png"][!UpdateMeter *][!Redraw]

Substitute="0":"NO BATTERY","1":"CHARGING","2":"CRITICAL","3":"LOW","4":"ABOVE LOW"
IfCondition=(MeasureStatus = 1)
IfTrueAction=[!ShowMeter MeterCrescendo][!UpdateMeter *][!Redraw]
IfFalseAction=[!HideMeter MeterCrescendo][!UpdateMeter *][!Redraw]