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Accessing Windows Location Services from skin

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Accessing Windows Location Services from skin

Post by timg11 »

I'm brand new to Rainmeter. I've got the basic Illusto\Clock running with a few customizations.
I travel a lot and I'd like to make my clock automatically adjust to the current location timezone. ( I keep the system clock constant)

Microsoft documents Windows.Devices.Geolocation Namespace as a means to identify the system location.
Can this API (or something similar) be accessed from Rainmeter?
I looked through the Final Manual and didn't find anything on geolocation.
Searching back a few years I saw some posts from 2013 on using HTML5 web services and parsing the return, but that was before Windows geolocation services had matured.
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Re: Accessing Windows Location Services from skin

Post by raiguard »

I am interested in this too. I wish to add an auto-location feature to my Weather skin, and being able to use Windows' built-in location services would be much nicer than relying on a website. For now I am using, but it isn't wholely accurate (despite living in a city with almost 100,000 people, it reports that I live in a city over twenty miles to the north!).

I'd imagine that accomplishing this would require a special plugin, since Windows needs to authenticate permission to access the data on a per-app basis.
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