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Is it possible to make a rainmeter skin using a StreamLabs widget URL?

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Is it possible to make a rainmeter skin using a StreamLabs widget URL?

Spencerlee313 » May 30th, 2019, 6:31 pm

Streamlabs is a free toolkit for streamers, most commonly used alongside a program like Streamlabs OBS or OBS to display things on your twitch stream (or other platform). Streamlabs allows you to customize some aspects of your stream element, then generate a widget URL which can easily be imported to OBS to display things such as your most recent subscriber, number of current viewers, or the stream's chat right on your stream.

I am no coder by any means, but I was HOPING that rainmeter has the capability to utilize these widget URLs in a similar manner, so I could display my own twitch chat on my screen while gaming. I don't have money or space for a second monitor, and also, it is much easier to read chat and watch it fly by when it is on the same screen that I am gaming on.

I have been using a skin that I found on reddit which uses the Twitch API and your oauth to access whatever channel's chat you are currently watching on Chrome (found at This skin is nice and it has some functions which I was not expecting such as the ability to change channels and even reply in the chat using text boxes within the skin itself. However, the skin has very limited customization and does not load properly or at all if you change things such as the skin width, the font size, or font color.

I guarantee you, if you are able to bring this skin to life, you will not only have my eternal gratitude, but you will be a saint to hundreds of low-budget streamers who are learning to game and facilitate dialogue with chat at the same time. Also it's not just one skin, but if you are able to use one Streamlabs widget, then I imagine you're only a small step from unlocking them all, which would open up a whole bunch of avenues for desktop customization.

I appreciate you reading this far. Thanks!