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Place Image on desktop

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Place Image on desktop

Post by Jravesteijn »

I've been trying to put an image in front of my visualizer, but it doesn't seem to be working
This is the first time I've written my own script, but I have a reasonable amount of experience from modifying other people's skins
Here's my script:

My skin is located in Rainmeter > Skins > Cut
The image is also located in that folder

Thanks in advance :)
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Re: Place Image on desktop

Post by balala »

Not sure what you mean.
Do you have two different skins, one with the above code and the other the visualizer? If so, you have to load both skins and drag the image to have it properly located.
If there on the other hand, is one single skin and the above Image meter is just part of a larger skin, we can't help, having only the code of the Image meter. We need the whole code, or even better, the whole config.
Both above situations can be true. I doubt this Image meter would be included into a visualizer skin, because if this would be a such visualizer skin, the Update should have to be much more lower. So, I think there are two different skins. But I'm not sure...
So, first please let us know what do you have there. There is one single, or two skins?