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Audio Visualizer non-gradual change of color

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Audio Visualizer non-gradual change of color

Kaiton » March 23rd, 2019, 10:44 am

I need help creating an audio visualizer that basically fills out different "sections" of color while gaining in value like so:
I am using Monstercat visualizer ( but I'm not particularly attached to so if possible I would like to change its code but going with something different would be fine as well.

I was told it is possible to do so with ShapeMeter and BarImage respectively and I tried playing around a little and wasn't able to do it.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I managed to do get it look like this:
For anyone else having the same question, a quick rundown of what I did: I created a 9x119 px .png in photoshop where I made 7 different blocks at 18 px height with the last one being only 11 px and filled them with their respective color. It ended up looking like this:
Then I saved it as "bar.png" @ \skins\Monstercat-Visualizer (same directory as 'visualizer.ini'). I navigated to the header [ScriptFactoryBars] and edited Option1=BarColor >> Option1=BarImage and Value1=#*Color*# >> Value1=bar.png. Then I fiddled a bit with the settings GUI and voila, just how I wanted it to work.