Monstercat Vis (AudioLevel), Voicemeeter and multiple sound outputs

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Monstercat Vis (AudioLevel), Voicemeeter and multiple sound outputs

February 8th, 2017, 4:44 pm
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After years of having a bland desktop, I decided to spice it up with a few Rainmeter skins. Among others, I decided to use => Monstercat Visualizer. However, my sound setup is a bit tweaked, because I use a piece of software called Voicemeeter, which lets me set up virtual audio devices for input and output. It lets me dynamically switch between sources and playback devices (basically a mixing board). This setup is insanely effective when streaming.

I currently have a setup, where my default Windows sounds (including games, web browser, etc.) pipe in to one virtual input device, movie files (MPC-HC) into another and music (foobar2000) into yet another. I can then, through software, decide where to play them through (for example, when I'm on teamspeak i pipe everything to my headset, but when I want to watch a movie with decend audio, i pipe only that input to my speaker setup).

Monstercat (AudioLevel, more likely) works mostly ok, assuming the proper input device is set as default in Windows (I use win10, so switching is not a hassle). However, as soon as I switch to the other one and the song in foobar switches, the visualizer goes flat.

Is it possible (and I've googled and browsed these forums, really) to have Monstercat monitor only one specific device's output?

I've tried some of the hints in the AudioLevel documentation as well as read through ActiveColors' AudioLevel troubleshooting, but I cannot figure out how to tweak Monstercat. Is it even possible? If not, what's the point of being able to specify DeviceID's in AudioLevel?

I guess what I'm ultimately after is an "explain like I'm five" tutorial, or for an already hacked version of Monstercat for me to just specify the monitored device.
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Re: Monstercat Vis (AudioLevel), Voicemeeter and multiple sound outputs

February 9th, 2017, 7:06 am
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Try using for streaming it has a built in mixer so you don't need to use voicemeter. I stopped using mine when I found that.

Re: Monstercat Vis (AudioLevel), Voicemeeter and multiple sound outputs

February 9th, 2017, 5:52 pm
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Completely besides the point, streaming is only one use case. Besides, you can't capture just one application's sound in OBS, and there are times when I want to mute Teamspeak.

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