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Thunderbird Feed Possible?

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Thunderbird Feed Possible?

Post by PhantomTonberry »

I need to know if it's possible to have the Gmail reader or Mail icon skin up and delivering a feed from Thunderbird instead of a direct Gmail feed. I know this sounds ridiculous, but here's the situation:

-recently installed Windows 7 Pro and Rainmeter, as well as Thunderbird 3.
-Gmail's server is POP enabled, though when switched to IMAP, Thunderbird won't cooperate with it.

I've gone practically insane for a week tweaking and trying to get this to work. No luck. Help.
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Re: Thunderbird Feed Possible?

Post by zerocdv »

I just have the same problem with the Gmail skin of Enigma desktop, but I manage to resolve it here is how to do it:

Edit the Enigma Mail Icon
Scroll down to the end and replace the LeftMouseupAction=!Execute [""]
by some like this, depending on your system hdd drive letter LeftMouseupAction=!Execute ["thunderbird.exe.C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Thunderbird\"]

Now if you left clic it, it should open Thunderbird.

Works for me, hope you find it usefull