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Re: Audio visualiser - Change BarColor based on value

March 20th, 2017, 8:29 pm
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DigitalEssence wrote:Wow. That' some pretty clever shizz going on there...

I'm a subtle chap so ended up going for: BarColor=255,255,255,([MeasureAudioRaw0]*255)

Quick question. I've got 63 of these things and had to add them in manually as each Meter BarColor needs to measure it's own levels.

Is there an alternative way of doing this? Perhaps scripting it to create all 63 meters rather than wearing my poor fingers to the bone. I've considered using reg expr in text editor but would prefer to be able to script this plugin.

You could always use an image for the bar and have the colour in the image, only 1 thing you need to change then. edit image to change colour.

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