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Pc games menu

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Pc games menu

Post by Honimoura »

I wanted to know if a plugin or software running with rainmeter was able, with the name of a pc video game, to automatically find the cover on the internet. In this way, to be able to display the images in the menu by the names of the games
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Re: Pc games menu

Post by deflore08 »

Hello! I didn't see something like this here. You can check GitHub in your search.
Also, i don't know exactly for now, but i believe you can make it using CDNs (content delivery networks), WebParser and some brains. :)

This skin might be your start point in your beginnings. It uses WebParser and cdn.amakai to parse info from steam. Sure, you need auto search, not static links, and i think it's still possible, even if it's much complicated than this skin is.