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Alert Ready / EAS Implementation?

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Alert Ready / EAS Implementation?

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Hello, I was wondering if there could be a widget made that can detect if an alert was made in your area via the Alert Ready system (Canada), or EAS System (US) and display the warning type, and flash to get your attention. I have a weather monitoring setup using an old desktop, and rainmeter. If my phone fails to alert me, then it would be nice to have my monitor in my livingroom alert me to any emergency alerts sent by Alert Ready. Then the only way to silence it is to manually click it, and hit "Understood". It doesn't have to play the tone, but it should have a red flashing alert box to draw attention, and then show you the type of alert for your area, and then stop flashing when you've clicked "understood", unless an update to the alert was sent out.

Sorry for long msg, and sorry if I'm in the wrong area. Stay safe out there!