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Using Rainmeter while live streaming

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Using Rainmeter while live streaming

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Hi Guys ,
Primarily i wanted to create an audio reactive visualizer while i live stream music and thats when i came across Rainmeter.
I did download and also install one or two plugins from devianart site . Its really good but there is a critical challenge to use this as a component while livestreaming within those software. Let me explain .

The plugins do not appear in a Window . Now in software such as OBS which is a Livestream tool , the way to add an external source like a visualizer is by adding Window Capture source. Now that the plugins do not have a window it is very complicated to add this inside the stream software as it does not get detected as a running window.
Alternatively there is a way of adding Desktop Capture , but the problem with doing this is in cases where people dont have a seperate monitor the control can get covered by other windows and wont work.

So the request i have to the development team is to please add support to run these plugins inside a window somehow from within Rainmeter. I am not sure this feature is already available . But if this is not , it can really help live streamers use Rainmeter much better. Thank you .
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Re: Using Rainmeter while live streaming

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