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Start Command on Network Change

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Start Command on Network Change

tschreiber » October 18th, 2018, 7:20 am


i am using rainmeter to display the network settings on our computers.

what i want to achieve is, that rainmeter "triggers" a command on network change but not on start of rainmeter.

i came across the "onchangeaction" command - this works correctly, but i only want the command to be executed if the computer is on a specific network. how do i "connect" the onchangeaction with ifmatch statement?

this is what i got:

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OnChangeAction=[cmd /c START /MIN gpupdate /target:user]
#IfMatchAction=cmd /c START /MIN gpupdate /target:user
thanks for any help in advance!

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Re: Start Command on Network Change

balala » October 18th, 2018, 5:47 pm

First I probably would use a RunCommand plugin measure, to can hide the cmd.exe (DOS) Command Prompt window. For this you need to add the following measure:

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Parameter=cmd /c START /MIN gpupdate /target:user
If added, you need to use this measure. This can be done through a !CommaneMeasure bang ([!CommandMeasure "MeasureRun" "Run"]), added to the IfMatchAction option of [measureIP] measure: IfMatchAction=[!CommandMeasure "MeasureRun" "Run"]
But here I have another concern / tip: you probably have tried to comment out the IfMatch / IfMatchAction options, adding the # character in front of them. Commenting out in Rainmeter is done with semicolon, not with dash. However you don't need anymore to comment out these options, so remove the dashes.