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Info: Location Codes Have Changed

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Re: Info: Location Codes Have Changed

pauloctavio » October 3rd, 2018, 7:31 pm

SilverAzide wrote:This is a public service announcement to the Rainmeter community. Skin authors might start seeing an increasing influx of "weather skin not working" posts.
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It appears that sometime over the last several days, has made a change to their weather codes. Most instructions for weather skins (including on the forums) suggest going to the main site, searching for a location, and grabbing a section of the resulting URL from the browser's address bar to use for the location code. THIS NO LONGER WORKS if your location is outside the US. There are exceptions if your force your location so that uses US-specific URLs or if the site cannot determine your location. Here is an example:

If you search for London (UK), you used to get a URL like:
Now you MIGHT get:

I say "might get" because it is dependent on the search and whether the site is aware of your location, or if you have set it specifically.

The important points are these:
  • The new-style location codes do NOT work with the XML feed at this time.
  • This appears mostly to be a documentation issue... so far.

Skins that include their own search functionality (as in do not appear to be affected at this time, as the API is still returning old-style location codes. Skin authors may want to add search functionality to their skins or direct users to the site instead of The site itself seems to be backward compatible with the old-style codes. ...For now.
As a matter of fact, to the extent I can tell, "your" side of the world is the place the issue happens frequently, LOL. It is extremely confounding, which is the reason I expressed you "may get" those 64-character areas. I most effortlessly see it when I utilize the menu to choose a dialect other than my own.