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Rainmeter is slowly eating up my memory.

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Rainmeter is slowly eating up my memory.

El_Maquinisto » March 18th, 2018, 6:40 pm

I've tried searching around but can't find anyone with my exact problem. The issue is when I start rainmeter, memory usage is normal. But after a few hours it blows itself up, eventually sucking up all available memory in the system. I just started rainmeter as I started typing this and memory usage is 42 MB, let's see how high it gets by the end of this post...

I'm not using HWinfo plugin with any of my skins and I've written all but one of them myself (monstercat visualizer). I'm not running rainmeter in any compatibility mode. OS I'm using is Windows 10 version 1709, build 16299.309. At the moment rainmeter is running and I've unloaded every skin one by one to see if one of them was causing the issue. Right now there are no skins loaded and the memory usage is still climbing. We're up to 105 MB now...

I came here because I'm stuck and not sure what to do next to try and find the source of this issue.