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How to make skin full screen?

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How to make skin full screen?

Post by Haggis3 »

I downloaded the Glasses skin and one of the skins is a slide show of pretty pictures. How do I make that skin full screen as background to others? :?
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Re: How to make skin full screen?

Post by Chuck »

Well I'd uh, start by putting it bottom most and toggle the option for it to stay there.
As for the fullscreen, well, if the images are high resolution enough to be full screen and that whatever meter they're displaying into makes the most of them, just go edit the skin to go full screen?
I wouldn't personally use #WORKAREAWIDTH# AND #WORKAREAHEIGHT# at the same time.. but it could be funny, if all went wrong.

Finally I'd make that skin clickable through, unless you want it to constantly come back ontop of everything and cover the whole screen, but I'd assume it's not what you're after? If it was, I'd tell you to make a screensaver.

Can you link me that Glasses pack? I can't run any newer version on this computer but I can still look at the file. If what you want to do can be done, it probably shouldn't be too complex.