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Windows tray?

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Windows tray?

Post by Marsuvees »

Hello, everyone!

I am totally new to Rainmeter and am working on customizing my desktop, and it is looking nice. However, I have my taskbar hidden, and I have been hard-pressed to find a skin that will allow me to view the programs that have been minimized to the windows tray, as opposed to the taskbar. Preferably an expandable menu, but at this point I'm not very picky.

I have little doubt that this would be possible, but I have no idea how I would go about doing it. Does anyone know of a skin that would let me view the programs minimized to the system tray, or could someone help me build my own skin?

I look forward to any help you could give me :D

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Re: Windows tray?

Post by Brian »

Alex Becherer

Re: Windows tray?

Post by Alex Becherer »

the point of minimizing applications to the tray is to save space on the taskbar.
if the taskbar is hidden anyways this becomes irrelevant.
change those applications' settings to minimize to the taskbar instead.
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Re: Windows tray?

Post by lysy1993lbn »

You can trigger "tray popup" using small application (originally designed for rocketdock, but exe file does all work)
TrayPopup.exe from that pack is what you need

However, this will show only popup with icons "hidden" from taskbar..
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