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Post by Kaelri »

During my time in desktop customizing, I've been asked about two things more than anything else: window transparency, and hiding the taskbar. So I've packaged a simple tool to kill two birds with one stone.

The ZIP includes the tool, the instructions, and the original Autohotkey source code. All you have to do is extract and run "Visage.exe" - you'll see a new tray icon. While it's running, the following hotkeys are available to you:

Code: Select all

[Windows Key] + [Ctrl] + [1-8]: Set the transparency of the active window.
[Windows Key] + [Alt] + [1-8]: Set the transparency of the taskbar.
[Windows Key] + [Pause]: Toggle the taskbar on/off.

1	100% opaque.
2	95% opaque.
3	90% opaque.
4	85% opaque.
5	80% opaque.
6	50% opaque.
7	30% opaque.
8	10% opaque.
The only problem with toggling the taskbar is that it does not change the work area dimensions - your maximized Windows will still leave space for the hidden taskbar. This is where Rainmeter does its part. Add the following line to a Rainmeter theme of your choosing (located in AppData\Rainmeter\Themes\[ThemeName]\Rainmeter.thm), under the [Rainmeter] section:

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Now, when you load this theme, it will set the work area dimensions to occupy the entire screen space, leaving you with a completely taskbar-free Windows.

(I know this works in XP, but I'd love to hear from some Windows 7 users about whether the taskbar transparency/show/hide commands work properly on the new Superbar.)

Download Visage 1.0
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Re: Visage

Post by jsmorley »

Seems to work fine on Vista. Can't test on Win7 just now...
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Re: Visage

Post by redblack »

Fantastic, I think you've finally gotten me into using AHK. JSMorley got it into my download folder but it hadn't budged far from there :]

I don't suppose there's a way to have windows/apps have a preset opacity when they launch?
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Re: Visage

Post by bhadkow »

tested on win7 32-bit...., taskbar on/off works!! but the transperancy didn't work for me, i tired running as administrator as well but no change...
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Re: Visage

Post by r3ginald »

very useful! thanks!
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Re: Visage

Post by iUnify »

Hey I have a question about this- because there is obviously something I am completely not understanding.

What is different about this from hiding the task-bar just with the regular right click windows task-bar settings?

Than it's just windows and not extra software to do it.

... I doubt you would post this w/o realizing that so what am I missing??? :)

Thanks for the help!!
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Re: Visage

Post by Kaelri »

I don't know about Vista/7, but on Windows XP, the most I'm able to do with the build-in options is either unlock the taskbar, and condense it to its smallest allowed size, or enable Auto-hide. Neither option completely removes the taskbar from view; it still reserves a few pixels on the edge of the screen. With this tool, the Win+Pause hotkey will completely eliminate all visible and clickable elements of the taskbar.

(By the way, since I posted this, I found a much easier way around the work area issue. Just set the taskbar to autohide, then turn it off with Visage. It doesn't reserve any space that way, so you don't need to adjust your DesktopWorkArea settings in Rainmeter.ini.)
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Re: Visage

Post by plaid »

there is a program from donationcoder called runandhide. the exe is located here:

this program will completely remove the taskbar when you run it once. the second time you run the program it brings it back. i have used it on xp, vista, and 7 and it works well for all of them and has never caused me any troubles.

since it is tiny, i stick the exe into the rainmeter folder (runandhide does not need to be installed) and then add a button to my rainmeter config to kill the taskbar or to revive it.
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Re: Visage

Post by edwardb »

this is really cool thanks!

i was just wondering, is it possible to set, say, all the windows expolorer browsers, as slightly transparent at start up?
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Re: Visage

Post by aniketkno »

i have windows 7 and It was working fine till i restarted the computer! :?