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VClouds Weather 2

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Re: VClouds Weather 2

Post by NeilFawcett »

I've noticed over the past couple of days the main (large) weather image/icon is not appearing?

All the images for "tonight" and "tomorrow" are... Just not the main/large one at the top?

Anyone know of there's a problem or a fix?

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Re: VClouds Weather 2

Post by BigBearLio »

Hi there :)

I've a couple of question for VClouds hoping he still read this post :)

Is there any way to enlarge this skin?
I'm using the 8 day H since 2010 and with my 27 monitors was perfect, but I upgrade now my workstation wit a 43" monitor and now the weather skin is lost in the size of the screen.
I would like to have the weather icons at its maximum size (175x120) or more, increase the font dimension for all the different words and removing the box that contains them.

This is my first question :sos:

The second problem is about the writing that appears on the skin (but only when I change from the original London to my location here in Canada):
Please standby Loading weather ....
That phrase with the Rainmeter logo, The Weather Channel logo and iohelix logo cover completely the Moon forecast.

Do you have solution for my problems please?
Thanks a lot in advance

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Re: VClouds Weather 2

Post by VClouds »

deviantart require registration to be able to download files, so I uploaded the skin here.