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Post your work-in-progress and completed skins to share and discuss.
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Download here:

Time and Date (based on Elegance by lilshizzy)
-12hr, 24hr, vertical and horizontal layout, custom colors, scaling, and formatting.

Weather (based on Astro Weather by xxenium)
-Gets feed from Weather Channel website html (updated for 2020)
-6 variants, added another variant option from AstroWeather.
-Click current temperature to customize.
-Change any text color.

Everyday Habit Calendar and Tracker
-A full year calendar to help you stay on top of your daily habits or goals.
-Keeps track of your current streak number (days without breaking the chain)
-Settings for customizing any color and open at a certain time as a reminder.

System (based on illustro)
-Overall CPU % and RAM usage. (GPU%, Swap, and Core Temp options available in settings)
-Click on System text to open Task Manager.
-Ability to change any color

Network Graph (based on Enigma by Kaelri)
-Network info and automatic adjusting graph/text of up/down usage.
-Click on graph to open Resource Monitor
-Ability to change any color

Recycle bin
-Right Click to empty, Left Click to Open.