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ESP3D - 3D printer communication over WiFi

Post your work-in-progress and completed skins to share and discuss.
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ESP3D - 3D printer communication over WiFi

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This Rainmeter skin uses WebParser to send commands to, and receive information from your 3D printer, given that you have installed an ESP8266 chip on the mainboard with ESP3D installed on it.
Find out more about ESP3D here:

I bought my module together with a touch screen Aliexpress for the SKR 1.4 Mainboard.

But i believe you can get other kinds that can plug into other mainboards that does not have the dedicated plug.

You need to add the IP address from the ESP inside the skin [variables section]
After a refresh the skin should connect to the ESP and start pulling info about your temps.

If you have installed a NeoPixel / WS2812b RGB light strip on your mainboard,
this skin can change the colors of those lights.

You can also send commands in the last section of the skin.

I would have liked to add print progress bar with percentage, just like you would see on your LCD,
But i could not find any commands in the marlin docs that could provide this information.
Maybe you know another way?

This skin serves my immediate needs, but i will definitely build on it in the future.

As is, it is mostly set up to show you the basic concept of communication, with four examples.
And I'd love to see what you guys can come up with, and your ideas are more than welcome!
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(#WorkTime# = 1 ? #Work# : ([mEnergyLoss:%] > 100 ? #SleepMode# : #Rainmeter#))