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Open Hardware Monitor Plugin

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Open Hardware Monitor Plugin

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Hello guys,

I'm making a plugin to work with Open Hardware Monitor in order to retrieve my components temperatures.
I'm able to retrieve data and the plugin works fine, just one strange thing is going on.

I added the OpenHardwareMonitorLib.dll reference in Visual Studio from the OpenHardwareMonitor installation folder. When I create the skin, load the plugin and update rainmeter it crashes and doesn't start again.
Troubleshooting the issue, I see in the EventViewer a FileNotFoundException on the Initialize method. So I open procmon.exe and found out that Rainmeter is expecting to find OpenHardwareMonitorLib.dll in this folder: "C:\Program Files\Rainmeter\OpenHardwareMonitorLib\"
(Obviously I tried to put the lib there and everything works)

Why the hell should I place the library there since no reference in the Visual Studio project is pointing to that directory?

Thank you very much in advance.