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sn00ze Readouts 1.0

A package of skins with a "theme" or by a single author
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sn00ze Readouts 1.0

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An attempt at making exactly what I wanted and thought I should share it, had a great time making it :D These skins work best on a dark-ish desktop. Obviously, muck around with the colors in '' and background image (in @Resources folder) to make it work for you.
I liked the idea of having the temperature shown as a ring with the fan 'sleeve' covering and cooling it when they're running.
  • Uses HWiNFO for CPU, motherboard and GPU temperatures, FAN speeds and video memory
  • Uses UsageMonitor plugin which REALLY brought the CPU usage down, highly recommended
Note: You'll need HWiNFO running for temp and fan monitors to work

CPU, GPU FANS and TEMPS - You most likely will need to find the correct sensor for your MOBO, CPU and video card and plug it into the @Resources\ file.
Don't panic! Pul53dr1v3r has a video showing how to do this: just skip ahead to the right bit.


- Total CPU Usage % and graph
- CPU temperature. Ring colour changes when you're heating up.
- CPU Fan speed (rpm)
- System temperature (mobo)
- Top 5 Processes and process count
- System Uptime

- GPU usage % and graph
- GPU temperature, Ring colour changes when you're heating up
- Fan speed (rpm)
- Memory usage, colour changes when you're using more

- Used RAM % and graph and text
- Swap file usage and graph bar

- IO graph and %
- Used-Available/Total space reading

- Download/Upload speeds with graphs
- External IP Address

Big thanks to Rainmeter Dev team and skinning community for providing these tools, info and website. Love ya work.

PS. The following skins where butchered in the making of this skin, thanks to their creators: Amazement O.o, ForceX, illustro Pulsar 2.2, Processes V1, straightV1.0
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