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Post your work-in-progress and completed skins to share and discuss.
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>>Download JSMeterIX.rmskin
Various skins that can be loaded separately or used together as in my preview image.

Requires at least the release version of Rainmeter 4.2 from

Use the Welcome panel that will initially load to load or unload the various skins, and to access the important configuration .inc files.

A dock / launcher that can be used to open folders, run applications, or go to websites in your default browser.

Displays the current time and date. Click to "speak" the time and current weather from

Displays information about CPU usage, top process, screen size and system / user uptime. Memory information, with details in a tooltip. Drive information for two drives, with details in a tooltip

Information about hardware sensors on the computer. Extensive help on how to configure this for your system can be found at Using HWiNFO

Network information. If on a WiFi network, mouse-over to get detailed WiFi information.

Current weather conditions and forecasts for today and tomorrow from the WXData feed. Right click to change from Fahrenheit to Celsius, and to change the location code.

Checks your GMail account for unread messages, and slides out a Windows10 style notification if a "new" one arrives.

Displays status of the Windows Recycle Bin. Left-click image to open, right-click to empty.

The wallpaper used in the preview is from:
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