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ModernGadgets 1.6.3

Post your work-in-progress and completed skins to share and discuss.
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Re: ModernGadgets 1.6.3

Post by SansVarnic »

SilverAzide wrote:
June 15th, 2020, 11:25 am
The problem is the timeFormat in your variables file is still set to "WinLong". That means it is ignoring your custom format string. This is why it is best to always use the Settings skin (if provided) instead of tinkering with .ini files directly. But, since you're in there already, change the setting to timeFormat=Custom. That should do it.

In answer to your original second question, I don't think this skin can handle multiple timezones. But this one can. This one uses the time format of your Windows settings, so it will be a 24-hour clock if your Windows locale is set that way, but you can override it if needed.
The reason I went in to change the ini is because the setting skin wont accept me selecting a change to 24hr.
Thank you for pointing out the change for timeformat=WinLong to timeformat=Custom that is what I was missing.

I will look into the other gadget you suggested as well.
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Re: ModernGadgets 1.6.3

Post by SilverAzide »

SansVarnic wrote:
June 15th, 2020, 12:53 pm
The reason I went in to change the ini is because the setting skin wont accept me selecting a change to 24hr.
Huh... Weird. It's working fine for me, so I'm not sure what the issue could be. One thing to watch out for is that re-installing ModernGadgets over an existing installation will not wipe out your settings; it tries to preserve your configuration. So to do a clean, from-scratch, install you actually have to delete the entire suite and install a fresh copy.
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Re: ModernGadgets 1.6.3

Post by raiguard »

Thanks for the swift responses everybody! I try to check the forum every day but sometimes I forget.

Anyway, yeah, if you're having issues with the settings skin, I can try to get those sorted out for the next version (coming... someday). What exactly is not working with it?
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