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MYiniMeter - A minimalistic title-bar skin suite

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MYiniMeter - A minimalistic title-bar skin suite

Yincognito » September 9th, 2015, 3:45 am

Here is MYiniMeter - a minimalistic title-bar skin suite, my first posted Rainmeter skin.
It's a suite made of 15 individual skins: Battery, Clock, Drives, Feeds, Memory, Network, Processes, Processor, Rainmeter, Settings, System, Toggler, Video, Weather and WiFi. It supports multiple logical CPUs, multiple drives/disks, multiple pagefiles, multiple network interfaces and multiple GPU configurations and has also a calendar available. It can be clearly visible on both dark and light wallpapers/desktop themes.

The suite comes with 2 layouts: Horizontal and Vertical.
- The Horizontal layout is applied by default when installing the skin, as this suite was specifically created to fill the (presumably) free space on the titlebars of the OS windows and to always stay Topmost. Thus, the skins had to be kept at a minimum, while also attempting to display/provide the maximum information possible. That is why some informations had to be accesed either via tooltips or via mouse scrolling. Don't worry though, the critical information is being displayed normally.
MYiniMeter - Horizontal.jpg
- The Vertical layout places the suite in the bottom right corner or the desktop, just above the taskbar, while also letting space for the OS windows' scrollbars. Unlike the Horizontal layout, this one does take some "viewable" space, but at least things are kept to a minimum - plus there's the semi-transparent look, which makes it look better...
MYiniMeter - Vertical.jpg
Now some useful tips...

- Unwinder's MSI Afterburner (for displaying the GPU info and the temperatures) : it must be installed and running
- latest Rainmeter version (at least Rainmeter 4.2 recommended), obviously

Steps to install:
- install the requirements above
- make sure MSI Afterburner is running on your computer
- download the skin and simply run it

This suite doesn't support Windows XP anymore, since neither Rainmeter does it currently. Segoe UI size 9 font (the default tooltip font in Windows 7 and above) is recommended for tooltips, if you want the tooltip text to be properly aligned. Since this is the default already, no action is required from your side, it is merely a useful information.

- the Information section when clicking a skin in the Manage Rainmeter window tells you everything you need to know about the skin's behavior and functioning (like left/right mouse clicks, mouse scrolling, etc.)
- if you need to modify/set/tweak things up (like the Weather location code, for example), check the .inc files in the 'Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\MYiniMeter\Settings' folder, especially the '' file, which has additional information regarding every variable used by the skins in the suite - or, you can just adjust things in the Settings skin. Hint: if you want to make the skins larger, simply increase the TextSize variable in the file or set the font Size on the Appearance page of the Settings skin.
- if the skins don't display the CPUs/GPUs' temperatures : this is either because MSI Afterburner isn't running on your computer or displaying the temperature of your particular CPU/GPU is not supported by MSI Afterburner. In both cases, it's not "my fault", so no point complaining here or on DeviantArt over it. If you conclude that showing your CPU/GPU's temperature is not supported by MSI Afterburner, you can always replace it with an alternative software, like HWiNFO, but you'll have to also install the appropriate plugin for Rainmeter and make the appropriate modifications to the Processor and Video skins (check the respective forum's thread for further information/hints on how to do that).

You can also check my skins at my deviant page. Enjoy!

1) Updated to version 1.0.1. Changes:
- Rewritten the Network skin to update the measures by using dynamic variables instead of using bangs. This fixed some issues with updating the "Best" network interface properly.
- Greatly improved the scrolling speed through the available network interfaces in the Network skin, using a similar approach as in the Processes skin.
- Added the middle mouse click action in the Network skin, to trigger manual Web IP and Latency update/refresh.
- Corrected the default network interface to "All" (instead of network interface number 2) in the Network skin. This has been forgotten to revert when testing in my personal computer environment.
- Some minor label changes in the Network skin, to make them more suggestive.
- Updated the Horizontal and Vertical layouts by applying the "From right" and "From bottom" options to keep the skin positioning consistent with the possible changes in screen resolution. Moved up the skins a little bit in the Vertical layout, to make room for windows' possible horizontal scrollbars.
2) Updated to version 1.0.2. Changes:
- Made the necessary changes to the code so that the skins would display the appropriate values for missing content in every test case scenario and for every skin (e.g. if NomFerp, the plugin required for the correct functioning of the Processes skin, is missing, the skin will display "Unknown Process" instead of the default "0" as process names).
- As a result of the above, the Weather skin required a 1 pixel increase in width, so all the skins have been updated accordingly. Some cosmetic changes to some labels have been made, due to the more space being available.
- Corrected the display of the network interfaces that are not available in the Network skin (defaulted the unavailable values to 0 and the unavailable strings to "Unavailable").
3) Updated to version 1.1.0. Changes:
- NEW: Settings skin. Now it's possible to graphically modify all kinds of options used by the skins on the fly. No need to manually edit file anymore! Everything is configurable through the nice looking Settings skin.
- Due to the new settings skin, added some new variables to control the appearance of both the Settings skin and the rest of them. Also modified some of the existing variables, to cover all the aspects of the configuration.
4) Updated to version 1.1.1. Changes:
- Added: the possibility to show the top processes for localized (aka non-English) versions of Windows. The user simply has to edit the newly added Process options on the bottom of the 'Variables' page on the 'Settings' skin, in order to set the local language names of the performance counters to be queried by the skin.
- Corrected the functioning of the GPU skin, by implementing dynamic variables here as well, to greatly improve the response time of the skin.
- Changed the detection of the 'Computer Type' in the 'System' skin a bit, to be compatible with a wider range of Windows versions. Corrected the detection of the OS type, to prevent occasional text clipping.
5) Updated to version 1.2.0. Changes:
- Added: logical CPU stats in the Processor skin. Now the skin displays the usages/temperatures for all the logical CPUs in the system. The number of logical CPUs = the number of cores * the number of threads per core.
- Added: usage stats for all the volumes/partitions of the local disks/drives. Now you have C, D, E, to Z usage and size stats available in the Drives skin, by scrolling up/down with the mouse.
- Added: support for the IPv6 internet protocol. Now the Network skin detects the protocol (IPv4 or IPv6) used by the computer to connect to the internet and displays it. Future IPv6 adresses are supported as well (e.g. if the computer connects to the internet using IPv6, an IPv6 adress will be displayed as the EXTernal IP).
- Added: Tooltip Calendar available in the Clock skin. The calendar is controlable by scrolling up/down with the mouse and it supports displaying data for the 1 AD to 9999 AD. The calendar displayed is the proleptic Gregorian calendar, so there'll be some difference between it and the Julian calendar in use for distant dates in the past (check the link to see what are those differences).
- implemented "tooltip text alignement" in tooltips. This attempts to right align the number data displayed, for a better viewing experience. The measure units are also aligned with their above counterparts. This feature greatly improved the readability of tooltip text, given the fact that the the words and names were chosen to give the tooltip data the appearence of a justified text.
- much faster scrolling display of tooltips for the GPU, Disks and Weather data, by using a similar technique to the one used in the Network skin.
- minor corrections and improvements all around the suite.
6) Updated to version 1.3.0. Changes:
- Windows XP no longer supported, since Rainmeter doesn't support it anymore either. Sorry, Windows XP, time to move on...
- NEW: Feeds skin. Now it's possible to have any number of feeds (or feed items) from your favorite media outlets sliding in the skin ticker-style. You can browse them by mouse scrolling over the skin, pause their sliding on hover, open them in the browser by left clicking the sliding text and much more.
- NEW: Toggler skin. Now it's possible to toggle the suite skins' visibility and loaded status with a single click. Recommended if you occasionally need to see the windows or the text "behind" the skins.
- the Processes skin now uses Rainmeter's UsageMonitor plugin instead of the NomFerp one. The new plugin is an "official" Rainmeter plugin, thus having better support and a MUCH better performance compared to the old one.
- modified the skins' design to span on a single row instead of two, for a cleaner look. The layout of the skins is therefore slightly different.
- the skins will now dynamically update their dimensions according to the font, its size and the maximum amount of text that needs to fit within, without the need for constant adjustments to width/height ratios on font change anymore.
- redesigned and optimized the alignment of the text in both the skins and their tooltips using key Unicode characters, improving readability all around.
- corrected some minor rounding differences between the number values displayed in the skins and their values in the tooltips.
- left clicking the Drives skin title now opens the current drive in Windows Explorer and only runs Windows' Disk Management when displaying the info on all drives.
- individual read and write rates for each drive, as well as total rates now displaying as additional information in the drives skin
- Added: adjustable bevel width (fractional values allowed) for all the skins in the suite, resulting in a much more slick look of the skins, especially on the Windows 10 metro style.
- Added: physical device info available via PowerShell for skins like the memory, drives or the battery one, in order to provide similar features to the other skins in the suite.
- Added: realistic tooltip icons available for every skin the suite, and for the weather skin as well (weather skin icons kindly provided by SilverAzide - take a look at his work at
- Added: complete information available in the weather skin tooltip, along with some calculated values like classic style geographical coordinates or the moon lit percent.
- Added: list of the top 7 wifi networks in the corresponding skin
- integrated all the above changes into the settings skin too, for easy tweaking of the desired options or variables.
- minor corrections and improvements all around the suite.
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Re: MYiniMeter - A minimalistic title-bar skin suite

jpotato » October 24th, 2015, 1:13 am

Really interesting : )

I'll go take a look at your DA gallery too ^^
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Re: MYiniMeter - A minimalistic title-bar skin suite

Yincognito » October 24th, 2015, 4:22 am

jpotato wrote:Really interesting : )

I'll go take a look at your DA gallery too ^^
Thanks. It'll become even more interesting after I complete my Feeds skin, which will be available in the next update of the suite. It will feature a news ticker style for the feeds - they will be scrolling on the skin, much like the TV news tickers, plus you'll be able to move backwards/forward using mouse scroll, tooltip the summary of the hovered feed and finally being able to "access" the actual hovered feed in the browser to read it all.

My DA gallery has, besides this suite, a skin I made several years ago for PotPlayer (the twin media player of KMPlayer). It had a decent success, lol - 3 downloads per 8 views is a good "performance" on DA ;-)
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Re: MYiniMeter - A minimalistic title-bar skin suite

jpotato » November 19th, 2015, 3:04 am


It's really nice : )

I created some interesting skin (but for myself only at the moment…), and there's one that is a multi web search, using a dropdown menu I can chose one of the 10 engines to search some keywords, I want to add more engines later and then want to make a "page-like" system that display each times 10 buttons… I already created some skins that have multi-pages systems, but I always search a way to use the scroll mouse button, and arrow keys to navigate… the hotkey plugin don't want to work (correctly) for me too.

Well I look forward for your release, need to go check your page too ^^"
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Re: MYiniMeter - A minimalistic title-bar skin suite

Yincognito » November 19th, 2015, 3:53 am

Yep, I had to use mouse scrolling/tooltips since I wanted to keep my skins here small and "minimal", and sometimes the data that I wanted to be displayed was more than a 2 lines mini-skin could incorporate.

The new release would have been done already if I wasn't such a picky guy and wanted to make the Feeds skin behave exactly the way I want too, haha! I want it to work with literally hundreds of Feeds and i'm looking for ways to use as few measures and meters as possible, to minimize the resource consumption (which is very low anyway, by the way). Plus, I will probably replace the regular tooltips with 'fake tooltip' skins all over the suite, since it was already implemented successfully in my Feeds skin and they offer a great advantage in terms of alignment, personalisation, etc.

So my next release will probably be a "major" update, instead of just adding a Feeds skin ;-)
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MYiniMeter suite updated to 1.3.0

Yincognito » March 29th, 2019, 6:35 pm

This is merely a notification post, since editing a post from 4 years ago apparently doesn't bring it to "foreground" in order to be more visible when browsing the Share Your Creation section of the forum. MYiniMeter suite has been updated to version 1.3.0, you can check it or download it in my original post on Rainmeter's forum here.
This includes my infamous "10,000 feed items" skin, which caused a bit of confusion regarding its purpose lately. If you're interested in seeing how it works, have a look at it. ;-)