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Visualizer Loader

June 11th, 2018, 5:26 pm
Rainmeter Sage   [2891 posts]

:17spot2 Visualizer Loader :17spot1

A skin that resides in the Rainmeter notification list and lets you select any one of 25 visualizers. It monitors your designated media player and unloads/reloads the selected visualizer based on if the player process is active. Edit the skin to set your media player process and to change the visualizer list.

Skin includes 25 visualizer skin activation commands available from the 'Custom skin action' context menu.
Of course, you would have to the skins installed in their default skin folder locations to launch properly. :x

Launch details for these visualizer are included:
  • Another Visualizer\Bars\Vertical
  • AudioDimensia_III\Shape1
  • AudioPulsarRay\OutwardRays
  • Fizzualizer
  • Fountain of Colors
  • Frost
  • HoloFFT
  • Lano Visualizer\Visualizer
  • LaserLight
  • ManicPlayerOrgan
  • Monstercat-visualizer
  • Ocean
  • Opus
  • Picturalizer
  • ProteusChroma
  • PulseWeb
  • Radian\LinearVisualizer
  • RadianOval\Vibrance
  • SoundSquare
  • Speakers_4.0.0\Speaker 2
  • Textualizer
  • UFO
  • Versa-Visualizer
  • VisBubble
  • Waveline
Requires Rainmeter v4.1.0.2879 minimum due to nested variable use. :welcome:
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Re: Visualizer Loader

July 4th, 2018, 8:20 pm
Rainmeter Sage   [2891 posts]

Modified to properly control Versa-Visualizer due to changes to that skin package,
and correct my typo in spelling "VizualizerLoader" :17oops
The skin is now in the "VisualizerLoader" folder...

Thanks for the 160 downloads!! :17drums

Updated attached skin in first post...

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