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rainmeter sending data to ip (iPad?)

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rainmeter sending data to ip (iPad?)

Post by mubhcaeb78 »

Was thinking with the ipad charging here near the desktop, using it as a monitor and putting rainmeter on it would be ideal, until we get that functionality to add it as a display, perhaps there is some thought into having an app that will display what your pc sends it wirelessly.

The app would render the ini files as rainmeter does.. app would launch, you have a wallpaper and draggable meters/etc.

Any thoughts on feasibility?
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Re: rainmeter sending data to ip (iPad?)

Post by Kaelri »

Well, you'd need an iOS developer to literally write a new app from scratch. There's nothing in Rainmeter that can be easily ported to other operating systems; it's a very Windows-specific piece of software. And even if you could get it parsing and rendering skins from the same .ini file, things like addons and some image/font options wouldn't necessarily have analogs on iOS, so there may well be a number of features that are either given kludgy workarounds or disabled entirely. So it'd be a moderately big job, but if someone wants to volunteer, there's nothing stopping them, really.