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Code editor?

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Code editor?

Post by Sam12345 »

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but it fits the "Other Software" category the most. :D
Until now, I have been using the normal notepad, but now I'm doing more editing I'm wondering whats the best code editor for Rainmeter.
Many seem to like Notepad++, but I don't see any advantages over other, more modern, ones (ie. Sublime Text or even VS Code), besides simplicity.
Whats the best code editor for Rainmeter?
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Re: Code editor?

Post by JelleDekkers »

Rainmeter is formatted in a modified ini language which is pretty basic, so use whatever you like. I prefer N++ for its simplicity and RainLexer (Rainmeter highlighting for N++) is a big plus.
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Re: Code editor?

Post by Active Colors »

It is hard to answer the question "what is best for Rainmeter". One of the aspects is Rainmeter code highlighting. If a text editor has the Rainmeter code highlighting then it is already good for working with Rainmeter skins. Some folks have developed the highlighters over the years for various editors but as far as I know not all of them are up to date. Rainlexer for N++ is the most updated out of all, besides this is what developers use and they keep Rainlexer updated. I don't want to say it is 100% best but I would say considering the stated facts I put N++ among the best ones, but that should not stop you using anything else. But what is best for YOU – only you can decide by trying out the editors.

I prefer N++ because of its lightweightness. It opens up very fast and runs smoothly, any interaction is just quick. It has some basic customization settings which you can change to make it further comfortable for your coding sessions. The code is highlighted by installing Rainlexer as JD has mentioned already.
Even when I am on older hardware I know for sure N++ will run flawlessly, something that modern software are lacking with their constantly growing resource demands.
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Re: Code editor?

Post by deflore08 »

It real private question, it depends on what you prefer and what is convinient for you. Visual Studio Code also great editor, even for Rainmeter. But you must install "Rainmeter" extension (from VS marketplace) to get good syntax highlight. It's powerful, customizable, beautiful (it's MOST IMPORTANT!!). Even source code control (GIT) are included, you may commit changes, push ad pull to github directly right from editor. :)

Some color themes doesn't provide good syntax highlithg. But a big color suites which contains many color for some definitions and snippets may highlight Rainmeter syntax entirely, includings bangs, variables and so on.
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