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[SOLVED] Finding Document Converter

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[SOLVED] Finding Document Converter

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EDIT I've found the terminal-based Pandoc should suit my needs. (although at 70MBs it's not a particularly "lean" solution...but at this point I guess I can't complain :p )
I'm trying to find a preferably portable and relatively universal document converter that can take command line arguments from Rainmeter to silently convert documents (like docx to txt). Virtually all the "free" programs I've seen so far use watermarks ;p

I tried using the fossilized Docx2Txt with Perl and Cygwin but couldn't get it all setup and working. :confused:

I've looked to see if WordPad has command line arguments like what I'm looking for but came up empty. OpenOffice was a similar dead end.

Doxillion would be perfect except that it seems a person has to buy the commercial version to be able to run it silently, which also means I can't include it with a skin...

Theoretically I suppose I could write an AHK or AutoIt script to convert files in WordPad, Doxillion, or some other generic document program but IMHO it would be an "ugly" solution because of the windows flashing on the screen during every conversion.

If you know about a program (or language/library/whatever) that offers the functionality I'm looking for I'd LOVE to hear about it!