Recommendation: MouseScrollCWAction & MouseScrollCCWAction

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Recommendation: MouseScrollCWAction & MouseScrollCCWAction

June 19th, 2015, 1:23 am
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Might I recommend a MouseScrollCWAction & MouseScrollCCWAction ?
This is not in question on the "MouseScrollLeftAction" or "MouseScrollRightAction"

Allow me to explain my request:
I am using my rainmeter as a non-screen cluttering app launcher for Chrome, Word, Notepad++, and so on
So I wanted to make one place where I can hover over and perform a variety of actions using all the different Mouse actions on the page.

I use a Mad Catz RAT7 mouse that has a second scroll wheel near my thumb. Image in spoiler below.

When I tried assigning the "MouseScrollLeftAction" & "MouseScrollRightAction" to this second scroll wheel near my thumb, it was unable to operate. Ctrl+C Ctrl+V-ing the Bang command into another mouse action yields a perfectly working action.

Then, when I looked into the mouse's macro software I found all my macros were disabled. ie: set to default mouse macros. But i strangely noticed that the Second scroll wheel was not labled "Scroll Left" or "Scroll Right". It was labeled "Thumb Anticlockwise" and "Thumb Clockwise"

This is where my question comes in. Is it possible to accommodate these actions in the next update if you would be so kind? Perhaps call them MouseScrollCWAction & MouseScrollCCWAction

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