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Guitar / GuitarPro application

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Guitar / GuitarPro application

Post by Pavel »

Hello! :)

I was surfing for some cool RM apps and I found this sweet guitar that produces random music on single click and open Guitar Pro on double click..

Just, the play'd music have a bit low volume and after the wav files are just 13..

I got a pack of 200 guitar samples and I wish to add them (or part of them) to the wav files to reproduce BUT.. Inside the folder of the music files there is 1 file named *.pk for each wav files..

For example: 0.wav, 1.wav etc.. What file is that? How can I open it? Do I need to creato one of these files to put different samples inside the random reproduction?

Thanks! :)
Alex Becherer

Re: Guitar / GuitarPro application

Post by Alex Becherer »