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2 gb ram

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2 gb ram

Post by shalonny »

Why doesn't my computer work when I put in the 2 GB RAM I have just bought to upgrade it? I have a GEFORCE 6100SM-M version 1.0 processor and it has 1 GB of RAM already installed in it which is the Samsung brand. I have tried to upgrade the memory purchasing 2 GB of PC2-6400 CL5 240 RAM which is the Kingston brand and it doesn't work in my computer. I would like to know why this is.
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Re: 2 gb ram

Post by Lightz39 »

This is the furthest place from the right section. However you may have bought the wrong kind of ram for your mobo. Also 1gb and even 2gb of ram is really quite low. Especially for windows 7/8. I'd look at a minimum of 4.
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Re: 2 gb ram

Post by Kaelri »

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This is not a general tech support forum, but I'll leave the topic open in case other members want to help anyway.
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Re: 2 gb ram

Post by eclectic-tech »

As Lightz39 and Kaelri mentioned, this is not related to Rainmeter, but here is some info on your motherboard from Hardware Secrets:
It has two DDR-DIMM sockets, accepting up to 16 GB of DDR2-400/667/800 memory. Please pay very close attention here. ECS should have used different colors on the memory sockets to let you know that this motherboard supports DDR dual channel feature. You need to install two identical memory modules in order to achieve the maximum performance this motherboard can provide.

Of course people that buy a socket AM2 motherboard knows that the CPU memory controller is capable of running under dual channel mode, but using the same color on both sockets may lead users to think that this motherboard uses single channel mode. Several users may install only one memory module on this motherboard because of this, reducing the PC performance.

So with this motherboard you need to always use two identical memory modules in order to use dual channel feature, which increases the system performance.
So you should use 2 indentical DIMMs for peak performance, and with one of the supported clock frequency (400/667/800)... I am not sure the 240 you purchased will work at all.

Hope this helps getting you heading in the right direction...
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Re: 2 gb ram

Post by haibusa2005 »

You haven't mentioned your motherboard manufacturer and model. Check in BIOS the timings of the RAM (should be under chipset setting or somewhere around) If the timing are word based - set them to fail-safe or slow, depends on the BIOS version. If they are number based - set some thing like CL5 or CL6 (the first setting, don't touch the others). Also under chipset settings try setting the DRAM frequency to 677MHz (or 133MHz, depends on the BIOS again). Check if Dual channel is enabled and if it is - disable it. Provide more information if you want quality help - if the speaker beeps, if there is error on the embedded 7-segment display (if you have one) and so on. You might come by our forum - and I am almost 100% we will solve your issue

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