AutoHotKey Virtual Desktop Enhancer Script Win10 64-bit

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AutoHotKey Virtual Desktop Enhancer Script Win10 64-bit

February 26th, 2018, 5:07 am
Rainmeter Sage   [2843 posts]

SDIAS posted win-10-virtual-desktop-enhancer AHK script to enhance using Virtual Desktops on Windows 10 64-bit systems

NOTE: Due to the library used it only works on 64-bit systems.

I have been using and enjoying the versatility it offers, so I put together a compiled version that can be installed via rmskin without needing to have AutoHotKey installed.

All of the original documentation is included. To change settings please refer to the docs.

I renamed the 'settings.ini' to '' so it is not detected as a skin. I included '' in case you mess up while editing; just copy and paste as '' and reload to return to the default settings.

I also added an option to open the file for editing to the desktop notification icon.

When you load the 'StartEnhancer.ini', it will run the compiled script and unload the skin.
You will see a new icon in the notification area and a short message will show you are on Desktop 1.

All of the default hotkey combinations for Win10 Virtual Desktops will work.
Scrolling the mouse anywhere on the task bar will change desktops.
Left-click the notification icon to open the desktop overview.
Right-click the notification icon to show a small context menu with options to:
  • open the overview (Manage)
  • reload the script after making changes (or if it gets confused)
  • open the '' in your text editor to set your preferences
  • exit/close the script.

The file contains all the options to:
  • set hotkey controls
  • set alternate hotkeys
  • set individual desktop colors or wallpapers
  • open/close programs when switching desktops
  • and more.

There are several different icon sets that can be used. Simply copy the version you want from the icon/subfolder to the icon folder, overwriting the current ones and reload the script. You can create your own icon sets too ;-)

Thanks goes to SDIAS for this enhancement! :great:
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Re: AutoHotKey Virtual Desktop Enhancer Script Win10 64-bit

February 27th, 2018, 9:25 am
   [534 posts]

:17drums We celebrated Virtual Desktop Enhancer with a three-day hurrah. :17good :17drums

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