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E-Mail Notifications currently unavailable

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E-Mail Notifications currently unavailable

Post by sgtevmckay »

Ok folks

I have just verified that for whatever reason our E-mail notification system is down, and apparently has been since that server black out we had a couple of days ago.

this is why the forum may look slow, but it is not, you are not receiving notifications, on the posts. You most likely are not receiving e-mail verification on your PM's as well.

I just verified that there has been almost 50 people in the last 48+ hours that have attempted to sign on to a new account, and that there are 100+ folks that have not received e-mail account verifications.

If you are one of these people, please be patient, and I will attempt to e-mail you as soon as possible, with sign in instruction.

For immediate responses, or as much as possible, please see us in the IRC, and we will see what we can do, but unfortunately we have been so busy that our attendance has been a little slim.

My appologies in advance, and thank you for your patience.