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Call for Reward and Recognition system suggestions!!!

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Re: Call for Reward and Recognition system suggestions!!!

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Someone accused me of being gay :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

That's good, and a typo or not I knew it was coming.

I have a tendency to use words such as Cute, lovely, elegant, gorgeous, and the like, but that is because I am comfortable with them

Gay; no :D

I Just celebrated 18 years of marriage, 2 little ones (not so little anymore), a bird, and two cats. :oops:
Seriously though:

After much consideration, and having listened to GhostMatrix-Senpai, Morely-Senpai, DraganMage-San, and now Bhadkow-San
I think that these folks are correct.

The best we can offer is to help one another, and give encouragement.
I have seen the evidence of encouragement first hand with the accomplishments of glfsd
A little help from GhostMatrix, DragonMage, and Mr. Morely, and look where he is now.

I have seen NVME take a dead project and make a new item from scratch, and for nothing more than the asking.

There may be only one president, But we are a community, and as such we work together to make what we have together.

I have to admit, that maybe I needed to here it out right; Thanks BhadKow :)

This site is about a tool, and what we do with that tool.

The Tool is Rainmeter, and what we do is Customize Rainmeter our needs.

The Guru Class will remain (with a name change), and that is because of a community recognition. Those that excel should be given the opportunity to be recognized for their assistance, not only to the community, but to the staff here as well.
Interesting, considering I look at every member as staff.
Trust me when I say there are those that have not accepted, and that is their right to do so.
As BhadKow pointed out, these folks have been happy just for the recognition.

I may be an Admin, I may be a member of the Dev team, I may be A moderator at the IRC, but I am no programmer, and still green when it comes to these areas, and to Rainmeter itself.
To that end I need all of your help.

I shall drop this subject, and it shall go no further. I have no regrets ;)

I believe that BhadKow is right in so much as it is the forum that needs improvement, not for us to prove that we can give points (positive or negative), but encouragement, a sense of equality, a sense that you can do more, and we are here to help one another.

Watch me folks, sometimes in my zealousness I get lost, and I require all that read this post to help guide me, guide me to what is best for the community, and one another :D

A community of Raineers, by Raineers, For Rainerers

This post will remain open for approximately 24 hours for any last comments.
It will be locked after that time

BhadKow, I like your suggestions, and would ask that you put them in a new thread 8-)
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Re: Call for Reward and Recognition system suggestions!!!

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always glad 2 help :mrgreen:

Re: Call for Reward and Recognition system suggestions!!!

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