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Google Wave?

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Google Wave?

sgtevmckay » June 3rd, 2009, 1:43 am

Since a lot of us collaborate on projects, and I know a few of us wish this to be done in real time. I just came across this.
Although I am no huge supporter of Google, and I should be. I can see the possibilities to this being nothing short of excellent for out community.

Although not available yet, I think a serious look into and consideration should be made into this type of software, as a common future use for our community.

I do not mention this as a replacement for the forums, as our availabilities and times, and lack there of, would not allow a continuous feed, but as a project and collaboration enhancer, I am excited by what I am seeing here.

I am talking about the new Google WAVE (still in dev at this time)
More info here: