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Offline Rainmeter 3.3 Documentation

January 2nd, 2017, 4:23 pm
Developer   [17843 posts]

As we have stopped supporting Windows XP / Vista in Rainmeter 4.0, there may be a tiny number of folks who can't or won't update Windows, and need to stay on Rainmeter 3.3.2.

The release version of Rainmeter 3.3.2 can be downloaded here:

Download Rainmeter 3.3.2

An offline version of the Rainmeter 3.3.2 documentation can be downloaded here:

Download Rainmeter 3.3.2 Documentation

  • Unzip the file anywhere you want
  • Run TinyWebStart.bat to use the manual in your default browser
  • Run TinyWebStop.bat when done

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