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Correction in Rainmeter Manual: NowPlaying Plugin

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Ockham's Raver
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Correction in Rainmeter Manual: NowPlaying Plugin

Ockham's Raver » March 29th, 2015, 7:24 pm

Hey everyone,

I first want to say that I love this program, and a big thanks to anyone who's worked on making it so great.

I apologize if this is wrong spot for this, I just joined the forums so I could point this out. I've been going through the tutorials and learning how to write my own scripts for Rainmeter, and I just discovered that there is some incorrect information in the NowPlaying plugin section (

Under "Fully Supported Players", for Jriver Media Center, the manual states that "The intcad plugin needs to be installed." However the link on that page to said plugin is broken. I tried Googling for the plugin, and all links that I could find were broken (except for a spot on Softpedia for the plugin, it seems). However, I also found that Jriver Media Center no longer requires the plugin as this ability is included within the program itself now (;topic=84508.0). And after installing the Soita skin and altering the PlayerName to equal CAD, I can confirm that it works. Although, I seem to be unable to rate the song via the Soita skin, everything else seems to work fine.

Just wanted to let you know so that this can be updated. Thanks again for the great software.