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Typo in Rainmeter Manual (Minor)

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Typo in Rainmeter Manual (Minor)

Post by VasTex »

Hey Guys,

This isn't really a bug, but I couldn't think of a better place to post this. It seems that there's a typo in the Plugins section of both the 3.0 Manual and the 3.0Beta Manual under the documentation for the Power Plugin.

The PowerState sections' Status2 line says:
Equal to BatterFlag in SYSTEM_POWER_STATUS.

When it should say:
Equal to BatteryFlag in SYSTEM_POWER_STATUS.

Sorry for the long post about a simple Typo. I just get bored a lot... :???:
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Re: Typo in Rainmeter Manual (Minor)

Post by jsmorley »

Fixed. Thanks for reporting.