List of some of the addon applications folks have posted.

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List of some of the addon applications folks have posted.

November 20th, 2011, 6:43 pm
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It can be hard to find the addons spread around the many posts in this forum area, so we thought we could create and maintain a list of posts which contain useful addons for Rainmeter. Just click on the link to jump to the post. Please, make any comments or ask questions about the addons in their thread, not in this one.

  • RainRegExp
    Helps with creating Regular Expressions for WebParser measures.

  • RainLexer
    An addon for Notepad++ to add color coding and more for skins.

  • RainSend
    Addon for Notepad++ to send templates of meters and measures to your skin.

  • RainRez
    Allows for automatically loading a "theme" when your screen resolution changtes.

  • RainGame
    Shuts down Rainmeter while you play full screen games.

  • Visage
    Remove the Windows Taskbar.

  • RainFile
    Choose a file to send !WriteKeyValue statements to.

  • GetAdapter
    Retreive the name of your graphics adapter.

  • WebPost
    Send a POST command to a web site from your skin.

  • RSSWriter
    Addon to help with creating RSS feed skin in Rainmeter.

  • GetAvgColor
    Get the "average color" of your desktop and set a variable to that color.

  • RainRestart
    Restart Rainmeter from the command line or a skin.

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