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Re: Rainmeter Top Processes

January 11th, 2017, 2:13 pm
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When rainmeter crashes because of a skin using this plugin, I've found a workaround to fix it until the next time it crashes.

Run this batch AS ADMIN creating a shortcut in your start menu:

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@echo off
title Restart Background Intelligent Transfer Service

Net stop BITS
Net start BITS
@ping localhost -n 30 >nul

Once BITS has run, Rainmeter will be able to start again after 1 or 2 minute. Run the batch again after 2 minutes if Rainmeter can seem to work.

Actually, it will report that the Background Intelligent Transfer Service is not running and that's the issue it will fix.

It seems that BITS keeps stopping for unknown reasons. There is no warning or error in windows log, just saying that it stopped correctly but with a delay of 28458.187 seconds or so but it's not accurate because it actually auto stop after about 120 seconds after I run it with the batch.

I enabled more logging (event viewer/app & services log/Microsoft/windows/bits-client/analytic) to understand what trigger its end so often and it is normal. I couldn't find something weird. It stops a 1 or 2 minute after I run it. Rainmeter keeps working for a while (≈10 min) after that and ends up crashing.
I'll see if I have to end up creating a schedule task to run Net start BITS command every 5 minutes to prevent rainmeter from crashing.

Please, report here if bits is running on your computer and if you see warning about its end in event viewer/app & services log/Microsoft/windows/bits-client.

If you have idea about why running BITS fix TopProcesses plugin and possible solution to fix it, you're welcome.
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Re: Rainmeter Top Processes

January 11th, 2017, 6:20 pm
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Short live happiness…

Even making a task that run BITS as soon it ends, Rainmeter keep crashing.

We definitely a good and stable plugin that will not be this TopProcesses version. :-(

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