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[Suggestion] !RestartRainmeter bang

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[Suggestion] !RestartRainmeter bang

Post by Cariboudjan »

Would love a !RestartRainmeter bang. Some features/plugins require Rainmeter to be restarted, such as plugins that affect the DPI setting of the app, etc.

Currently I use a batch script, but it creates an annoying command prompt window. I was using a VBS script to execute batches without a window but it was triggering false positives with antivirus software.

If there is some other way to accomplish this, please let me know. :confused:
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Re: [Suggestion] !RestartRainmeter bang

Post by Brian »

Here is a little program (written in C++) that properly closes Rainmeter and restarts it.

You should be able to run this on all versions of Rainmeter (since r163). This should work on both standard and portable version of Rainmeter. It also doesn't matter "where" you run it from.

I included a 32 bit and 64 bit version, but honestly, the 32 bit should be all that is needed.


PS - This program is also signed with the Rainmeter certificate.