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Player Issues

Report bugs with the Rainmeter application and suggest features.
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Player Issues

Post by Gankaku »

Per my recent post here:

The most recent version of Rainmenter does not work with Media Monkey's recent version.

I had all kinds of issues trying to get the cover art and playing information to show on any Rainmeter skin. I finally found that Media Monkey version 5 does not work with Rainmeter. But all previous versions do.

I also had issues with the recent version of VLC (which is why I wanted to try something else and picked Media Monkey).

I tested Media Monkey 3 and then 4 and those worked, but with 5 it doesn't work.
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Re: Player Issues

Post by Cariboudjan »

Good to know. I'll have to stop supporting MediaMonkey then in my skins. Thanks for the heads up.

I suggest you take the matter to the MediaMonkey devs, not the Rainmeter devs for a fix for this fyi.
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Re: Player Issues

Post by colemanjeffrey »

I also had the same problem. :(