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[Suggestion] Consistency in the interface

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[Suggestion] Consistency in the interface

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This is quite nit-picking but thought it would be good to propose these ideas.

1. Settings order.
The same settings in the Manage dialogue and the skin context menu are ordered differently. It can confuse sometimes, especially new users. If the arrangement will be the same it will make a more obvious connection between the two places.

2. The same feature is called slightly different in two different places.
In the Manage window it is "On hover" but in the skin context menu it is "Hide on mouse over". I propose that you use either "over" or "hover" as you wish but make them same in both places. This way it will hint that there is a clear connection between the two options.

3. Context menu elements.
I propose in the skin context menu to move the "Hide on mouse over" just above the separator. In the Manage window on the left side you see the Position, Transparency, and On Hover, and on the right side you see the rest of the options. In the context menu "Hide on mouse over" is being separated from the options that are on the left side of the Manage window and is together with the rest of the options which are on the right. A small detail but it will be more logical to keep it just before the separator especially since it is related to the Transparency.

After rearranging the context menu :
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